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Professional production and sales of pneumatic components

1. Scientific concept
      Yueqing Yuanhe Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. takes the overall view of the scientific development concept, continuously learns and learns from the advanced management methods at home and abroad, and continuously innovates the management mechanism to form a unique management mode. In the years of practice, Yuanhe Pneumatic has successively summarized eight major factor management systems (talent, project, production, quality, technology, marketing, logistics, brand) and six major brand strategic management models (production, publicity, talent, sales, Service, integrity). In recent years, it has launched a unique performance management model with independent innovation and distinctive management and contracting.

Yuanhe is based on sustainable development and focuses on three major innovations;
The first is the independent innovation of the internal environment, namely talent, system, technology, management and culture;
The second is the independent innovation of the external environment, which mainly includes the government's environment, economic environment, and industry environment;
The third is independent innovation of resource integration, that is, integrating global brands, markets, technologies, and information resources, strengthening and uniting, and becoming bigger and stronger.
Development is qualitative change, development is across! The change of management concept has effectively promoted the practice of Yuan and Pneumatic breakthrough in the growth of enterprises, and leap forward.
The theory comes from practice and guides practice. The "Yuanhe" classic management practice experience bridges the gap between enterprises and society.

2. Technology research and development
      Since its establishment, Yuanhe Pneumatic has always adhered to the development strategy of "scientific and technologically strong enterprises", continuously cultivated and cultivated advanced technology and management talents that meet the needs of global competition and enterprise development, continuously improved the technological innovation capability of enterprises, and comprehensively promoted technological progress of enterprises and accelerated The speed at which scientific and technological achievements are transformed into productivity. Enterprises have realized a transition from labor-intensive to technology-intensive; products have evolved from traditional mechanical to intelligent and modular.
      Yuanhe Pneumatics invested 5% of its annual sales as a technology innovation fund, and established a research and development center that governs the entire enterprise's technical work, a modern precision mold processing center and a low-voltage electrical product research and development center. The company has established the “Lingqing Yuanhe Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. Science and Technology Progress Award Regulations” and the “Technology R&D Implementation Regulations” and other incentive mechanisms to stimulate the scientific and technological innovation enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel.