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Do everything possible to broaden the "cause" road
     Recruitment and selection are the bottlenecks that restrict the efficiency of enterprise human resource management. How to put the excellent talents and the required manpower in the right positions according to the business objectives and business requirements of the enterprise, under the guidance of human resources planning, is one of the keys to the success or failure of the enterprise.
1. Open recruitment, select and hire
In the recruitment process, the human resources department has always adhered to the principles of open recruitment, equal competition, and internal and external. Each year, the Human Resources Department comprehensively analyzes the development of the company, the internal mobility of employees (loss), and the talent policy of competitors. It conducts a comprehensive review of the human resources demand forecast of each department and formulates the company's annual human resource demand plan.
At present, recruitment channels mainly include internal competition, internal selection, employee recommendation, media recruitment, introduction, talent recruitment, campus recruitment, online recruitment, and recruitment of headhunting companies. Recruitment has to go through four levels: the written test of the human resources department (on the machine) Operation), interviews, professional departments of the employer, and review of company leaders ensure that every employee who enters the company is the most suitable person for enterprise development.
2. Internal selection and fair competition
      In order to fully explore the internal talents, in line with the principle of fair and open competition, in the vacancy of the position, the competition announcement will be first issued on the internal system of the company and the company's publicity column, and at the same time, it will be mobilized through various other channels. Secondly, hold competitive speeches, live defense meetings, etc. After the competition, the evaluation team based on the interview evaluation indicators and related records, combined with the performance of the competitive staff in the usual performance of the evaluation scores, after counting the comprehensive ranking to determine the candidate for the position, the results reported to the company's leadership decision. Finally, the Human Resources Department will summarize the entire competition and continuously improve the competition plan.
3. Directional training, reserve talents
      As the company continues to grow and develop, the talent pool is increasingly important. Since 2006, the company has carried out the selection and training activities of reserve talents and technical backbones, conducted surveys on the use of personnel, and conducted interviews with general managers, department heads, and individual employees of the centers to understand their development potential, work ability, and professionalism. And pointed out its shortcomings, and designated special personnel to improve counseling training.
The training methods mainly include: the management grade will carry out training, rotation and trainee training according to different levels, and constantly improve their professional quality and leadership ability; professional grade, the company will provide professional training or further study opportunities in a planned manner.